Book* A Series of Unfortunate Events 2: The Reptile Room - Lemony Snicket

Hi, my lovely readers!! Eu terminei de ler "A Sala dos Répteis", segundo livro de "Desventuras em Série". Li a versão em inglês, porque queria treinar minha leitura e também "sentir" a história na sua língua "original".
Foi uma leitura tranquila, mas confesso que muitas das palavras usadas pelo autor não constavam no meu vocabulário (bom, porque aprendi mais). O bacana é que Lemony Snicket explica o significado de algumas expressões e palavras presentes na narrativa.
A resenha será escrita tanto em inglês, quanto em português, ok? Espero que gostem!

The Reptile RoomThe three unluckiest children in the world and their greedy relative, Count Olaf, return for another misfortunate adventure in The Reptile Room, the second book in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. The Baudelaire children survived their first encounter with the dastardly and scheming Olaf, but the Count doesn't give up easily. Nor does the Baudelaire luck ever seem to improve.
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We have known in the first book the tragic story about the Baudelaire children's parents. In the second book, the children meet their uncle and new tutor Dr. Montgomery. He is a herpetologist and has an incredible room full of reptiles (especially snakes)!!  Violet, Klaus and Sunny spend happy days with Uncle Monty, because he is very friendly - the opposite of the terrible Count Olaf, their last tutor.  Each one of them has their own room and they can work with Uncle Monty, doing what they like to do. Uncle Monty tells the children that they will be going on an expedition to Peru with his new assistant, Stephano.
Violet, Klaus and Sunny are curious and fascinated by the snakes in the Reptile Room. When they see The Incredibly Deadly Viper, they get scared, but Uncle Monty says that the snake is inoffensive. That snake is his  great discovery.  The Incredibly Deadly Viper and Sunny become friends, own *-*
When Stephano arrives, the Baudelaire Children have a horrible surprise… That man is Count Olaf in disguise!! I was afflicted when the children try to warn Uncle Monty, because Stephano always foils their attempts and their Uncle never listens to their advices (as well as Mr. Poe does). By the way, why do adults never listen to the children? The panic appears in the Baudelaire children`s life. They remember all the evil things that Count Olaf has done against them. But I became very surprised when Uncle Mont reveals that he knows that Stephano is evil. However, he believes that Stephano is an impostor whose plan is to steal The Incredibly Deadly Viper. Uncle Monty tells that Stephano will not be going travel with them… But Stephano continues to threaten the orphans. I thought that he was evil, but not so evil! Count Olaf does something really terrible. That unfortunate event changes the story…. Baudelaire Children have to face a sad situation again. What does Count Olaf do?  Does he go on the trip with Uncle Monty and the orphans? Does he get the Baudelaire’s fortune?
You have to read to know what happens!! The snakes have an important role in the story!  I think the end is very good!  The children fight against their bad luck using their qualities as they have done since the first book. They are very smart! I loved this book.

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